What is a Traditional Conservatory?

Traditional conservatories use the familiar brick and window glazing used in most houses. They are solid walls of the highest quality glass to protect the space from sunlight and other elements that can cause the traditional design to look dated and worn.

They also generally have new windows Wooden Conservatories. This creates a feeling of comfort and is in line with the home owners desire to install well designed and well insulated rooms. However, a fully covered conservatory is much more expensive to buy.

Many modern homes do not have this type of option, but there are places where it is a viable option. The most commonly found are in large villas and flats where there is no room for a modern design.

Modern conservatories can also be considered to be open air for the most part. These can be considered as having all the benefits of having a fully covered room. They do not restrict the natural light and are much more practical than a conventional room.

These types of modern rooms are often used in modern day spaces where privacy is an issue and the owners may need to sleep in the conservatory for longer periods at night. The fact that these spaces are relatively small makes them less formal than their traditional counterparts see Traditional Conservatories for more.

They also allow the homeowners to create open plan spaces. In these cases the conservatory does not necessarily need to be completely covered. Often this is just a simple design choice and it may be something to think about when designing a conservatory.

Conservatories are available with or without glazing. The type of glazing will depend on the space available and may also be important to the type of design. It is very easy to buy a modern glazed conservatory and install modern designed windows and doors, but if the conservatory is larger then it may be worth having a more traditional glazed conservatory.

A conservatory can become a beautiful space that is open to the sky and this can even be combined with solar powered conservatories. These are great if you would like to have a room on the top of your property where you can enjoy the sunshine and see nature at its best. If you would prefer to keep your conservatory on the lower part of your property then a patio design is much more suitable for you.

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